Hey comrades!

Can’t believe this but we’re finally updated! The previous website is already so old and outdated, but I’m gonna miss it because it has served me so well the past decade. I’m still getting used to this new website, it requires more work back end to upload new products, but that’s ok! We rolled out a few new features that is important for our consumers to navigate the website properly and we hope you like them!

Would like to take the opportunity to thank our regulars who had followed us through the past decade, this upgrade is for you. We hope that with the new upgrade, we can serve new comrades better as well!

Here’s some of the features you can look forward to:

  • Did you find figures are getting more and more expensive? We’re gonna work with to provide you instalment method! You can now choose up to 3 months instalment and I’m very sure it will help you guys to manage your finances better!
  • We have introduced tags in the items, where it will provide you the convenience of shopping via series! Just click on the tags and it will bring you to the list of items from the series you are looking at.
  • You are now able to filter out of stock products away! A highly requested function since I don’t know when, sorry it took so long to launch this.
  • A better account system where you can finally check the pending payment of the items you preorder efficiently now without having to ask me anymore.
  • A super good search bar, go ahead and try it! Type something and just wait for the results!
  • Items that are out of stock, you can submit your interest and we will get back to you!

and so many more! Go explore NOW!

Let me know what you think!



About Toy Coin Admin (Wendy)

I'm pretty much behind every email that you receive from ToyCoin. Started figure collecting and the business in 2009 . Initially, the plan was to start a hobby with my partner, so into Nendoroids I dive. I love pretty things and I find figurines really attractive. It’s like a natural reaction. I also blog most of the stuff here!

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