Wishing upon Godma of Figures – August

Hi guys! 

I’m really sorry that I’m late with this post. It’s like a week due already! 

Well can’t be blamed actually, with P.O.P Sailing Again Franky in stock, we had to arrange for deliveries as well as shipment for our overseas customers. My house is like having a party of Frankys around.  Those who preorders do remember to arrange for deliveries! Save my poor house!

I hope you guys enjoyed our STGCC posts! It’s not much but definitely we hope to bring more of such content to you guys. Perhaps you can throw us ideas you wish to see on this blog, me and Dom will see what we can do about it.  

Moving on, it’s time to pray to Godma of Figures again!


I was randomly searching art by Tony Taka and came across an art of Houmei in a mermaid form.

Holy cow, I didn’t know she’s a mermaid! Wait, why, how?! 

If there’s a certain trait I’m always a lookout for in figures, it’s definitely mystical. HOW GREAT IF SOMEONE COULD MAKE HER IN A MERMAID FORM! Well, I know Alter did a Houmei already, (which happens that giselle did a review on) and it’s probably the only decent Houmei ever made. Why didn’t Kotobukiya do Houmei? Even without her mermaid form she look gorgeous in her kimono!

Since there’s still not much of her being made there might be some hope! Come on Kotobukiya! 



I want her in this pose, bad.

For those who have no idea who this is, it’s Ruby Rose from RoosterTeeth’s RWBY series. I’ve been following the updates since it’s inception and I’m a sucker for gothic styled dresses and girls carrying huge weapons. She happens to fit into both those categories and thus, I’m making her my choice for August.

By the way, she happens to like milk and cookies, so I wouldn’t mind if they did a figma of it with those accessories too. It would be cute thinking of what you can do with all the extra accessories!




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