About Us

Introducing the bloggers!

Hi guys, this is Wendy here, but my author name I’ll just go by calliwen.

I’m a late bloomer, started figure collecting in 2009. Wanted to start a hobby with my boyfriend (who is concurrently my husband) and found out that he’s a collector of all sorts, ranging from vintage toys to coins. I figured I might need to start something too, and into the world of Nendoroids I dive.

I love pretty things and I find figurines really attractive. Regardless of anime as long as the figure is attractive I’m drawn to it. It’s like a natural reaction to me.

… Hi, Keicho here.

…. Keicho is shy, so he don’t blog much. More of doing behind the scenes photography and such. That’s about it.

We do welcome people who has a passion for the anime industry to join us! Do get in touch with us if you think you fit the bill! 🙂


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