Preorders Opened for Taiwan Merchandises Round #2!

Taiwan Merchandises round #1 was a success. So here’s round #2!  We hope to continue bringing in these wonderful merchandises so it will be a great help if you could click the share button!

Please email enquiry[at] for orders. Replace [at] with @. Kindly state the pamphlet number , item, quantity, and size (for shirts only) Preorders closing 15 Oct 2013. Kindly note that the items will come in end of October – beginning of November. Full payment is needed to secure orders. Prices are stated in SGD. Items are all first come first serve basis.




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I'm pretty much behind every email that you receive from ToyCoin. Started figure collecting in 2009. Initially wanted to start a hobby with my boyfriend (who is concurrently my husband) and found out that he’s a collector of all sorts. I figured I need to start collecting something too, and into the world of Nendoroids I dive. I love pretty things and I find figurines really attractive. Regardless of anime as long as the figure is attractive I’m drawn to it. It’s like a natural reaction to me.

I also blog most of the stuff here, along with my editor Jerry and my photographer Keith. 🙂

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