Preorders Opened for Sky Tube’s Iris

Skytube has opened preorder for this lovely Iris a few days ago. I’m sorry for the backlogs, was busy with some other stuff like upgrading of the main website and a major project coming. I’m quite excited for it but I can’t announce it yet. 

*Ahem* back to Iris. 

It’s another master piece of Tony Taka’s original creation, Seikai no Lorelei. I’m a fan! The way the hand was placed was a nice touch to the overall figure. Plus, with Tony-sama’s girls the faces could never go wrong. 

I googled the series but nothing was shown. I’m lazy to google it in Japanese so I’m just gonna wait for more information on it.

She’s up for preorders at ToyCoin at SGD$149.00. Pretty steep for a bikini character, but I guess it’s because it’s … 1/6? Holy cow, she’s huge!

On the side note, can anyone find me Skytube’s official website? Couldn’t seem to find it. 

-edit- Skytube official website is added! Special thanks to BT. ^^


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