Preorders Opened for Orchid Seed’s Mammon ~Statue of Arrogant~

Orchid Seed is releasing Mammon, from the very anticipated series “The Seven Deadly Sins” She’s up on ToyCoin at SGD $195.00

The anime adaptions is on it’s way. You may know that Mammon is the 4th figure being released from this series, and out of the 4, only 1 of them was released as a regular edition. Why oh why? 

I really love the character design. I missed the first figure Asmodeus and yes the price for the figure skyrocketed ever since. When  Leviathan came about I was thinking really hard about collecting them because it will probably come to $2000 over if  I were to collect all 7 girls! In the end I decided to let it go and didn’t turn back even though Lucifer was up for preorders but MAMMON COMPLETELY CHANGED MY MIND. 

I have decided to search for Asmodeus before the situation gets worse. No thanks to a friend who also played a part in psycho-ing me to get them all. *pout* I’ll review Asmodesu if I can get my hands on her!




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4 Responses to “Preorders Opened for Orchid Seed’s Mammon ~Statue of Arrogant~”

  1. SG Says:

    Hi! This figurine looks extremely exquisite and i would like to know more about this ‘Seven Deadly Sins’ you are talking about. Where do they originate from, from a manga, or just created out of fun by a certain designer and when they get super popular then they decided to make an anime out of it?

    I’m really confused because there is also another manga of ‘Seven Deadly Sins’ which is about 7 knights named after the seven deadly sins looking to destroy the holy knights of their kingdom. :////

  2. calliwen Says:

    haha i can understand the confusion.

    they started as a project evolving around 7 sins, it’s a collaboration project between a few manufacturers and Hobby Japan. The designer, Niθ, was well known to produce other nice designs too, like Hyakka-Ryoran Samurai Girls (WHICH I MISSED AS WELL DUE TO TOO MUCH HESITATING!) so amazing figures are expected. You can visit to know more provided you understand Jap =( The anime adaption came about a few years after Asmodeus was released.

    Basically I’m expecting the anime to be ecchi but I dun really care because I’m only going for the VERY VERY LOVELY DESIGNS! *ahem*

    I just purchase Asmodeus and I’ll be reviewing it!

  3. SG Says:

    THANKSS for your explanation :DDD! for finally everything have been cleared up! This figurine have caught my eye when this post was release, so i sort of did a little research and found the the character designs for every sins is pretty awesome (personally i feel Satan and Beelzebub is more awesome :P).

    Hehe, right now after hearing what you’ve said, i’m also quite excited to wait for the anime :X i will be super looking forward to your Asmondeus review though :D!

    (ps. and i just realized that Niθ is also the character design for Blassreiter, which is also OMFG to me because i LOVE the characters and the demoniaces (especially the demoniacs!!) in Blassreiter SO MUCH!).

  4. SG Says:

    Oh! and that may also be the reason why Leviathan reminds me so much of a character in Blassreiter :X

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