Preorders Opened for King’s Records Nendoroid Yukari Tamura

I try to restrain myself from blogging about Nendoroids, partly because I believe they don’t need any introductions, they are as cute as they should be.

However, today is a bit special, I do want to talk about Nendoroid Yukari Tamura.

When Good Smile Company announced that she will be released as a concert exclusive, my heart sank. I imagine the prices would be about $300 and above if I were to obtain her in the secondary market. It makes me angry even, fans like me would want to support by purchasing the figure, why make it so difficult to obtain them?

I regain faith and hope when she was announced in Mika-tan’s blog that it will be available internationally. Yay! Hopefully Nendoroid Nana Mizuki will follow suit!

Anyway despite that, I didn’t want to take any risks, I decided to go ahead and purchase her off the secondary market in Japan. Thankfully it’s not as expensive I thought she will be (probably because there is announcement indicating it will be released internationally) *chuckle* So mine will arrive next month while others have to wait till November. Yay?

She’s up for preorders already! SGD$95.00 at ToyCoin!


Will you choose the safe way or the cheap way to obtain the figure you want?



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I'm pretty much behind every email that you receive from ToyCoin. Started figure collecting in 2009. Initially wanted to start a hobby with my boyfriend (who is concurrently my husband) and found out that he’s a collector of all sorts. I figured I need to start collecting something too, and into the world of Nendoroids I dive. I love pretty things and I find figurines really attractive. Regardless of anime as long as the figure is attractive I’m drawn to it. It’s like a natural reaction to me.

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4 Responses to “Preorders Opened for King’s Records Nendoroid Yukari Tamura”

  1. Qingwei25 Says:

    I was about ready to make the leap for the auction as well, until I saw Mikatan’s blog post. Ultimately, I went for the cheap route even if it meant a longer wait (preorder from TC at 95 bucks). The auction would have been my final solution if there was no other means possible.

    Here’s hoping they will do the same for the Nana Mizuki Nendoroid as well.

  2. calliwen Says:

    Ya same sentiments, just that I still went ahead with the auctions anyway. I didn’t know if there might be troubles with the preorders as no information was given. ^^; but it’s ok I guess my only console is that I’m gonna receive her next month. ^^

  3. Cresent Says:

    hope Nana Mizuki’s nendoroid will come soon too and accompany her!

  4. calliwen Says:

    YES! she’s equally cute! XD

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