[Pre-Event] Singapore ComiFest 2014 “It’s ShowTime!”

Hi everyone! Keith here again with one of my rare posts! Still countable with your fingers 🙁

I’m writing today to share about an event which I will be attending this weekend. Comifest!

ComiFest is an Animation, Comics and Games (ACG) event with a difference which focuses on a fun and interactive experience for both exhibitors & the public. They would be featuring original creators and vendors with their exclusive comics and crafted products! Since it’s exclusive, you wouldn’t be able to find it anywhere in the world!

The event will be held at Suntec City level 3 Concourse and the best of all , admission is FREE! Yes, the favourite word for most people. FREE!

Why should you be there? Well that’s because the ultra cute cosplayer Onnies (she’s really damn cute) as well as our very own home grown Clive (His Mecha cosplays are dabomb) will be appearing as guests for the event. You will get to meet them and have a chance to play games with them. Appealing yes? Wait! There is more!

There’s also a chance for you to take photos with them at the Candix Photobooth. Want to know something else that would be free? Their autographs!

Free stuff just appeal to me. It’s like looking a cute bunny rabbit behind a glass panel at a pet store; it simply pleases you.

They will also be selling pen tablets there. If you are interested in the pen tablets you can head on to the OneThirtyFive booth to have a look as they will be showcasing two models. Special discounts will be available if you wish to purchase them. Head down to find out more!

Oh and guess what? They have a special section called The Celestial Zone Cosplay Gathering. If you don’t know about the series, you probably have not been buying manga in Singapore for a good decade at least. Tsk! If you are a fan, you will be glad to know that they will be giving out gifts to celebrate their 15th anniversary!


The Celestial Zone was drawn by our local veteran comic artist, Mr Wee Tian Beng and is among the most successful original comics publishing firms in Singapore. They will also be launching a 15th anniversary art album at the event so you might want to check them out!

For Cosers , if you are planning to cosplay any of the characters from The Celestial Zone, you will be also entitled to a special gift from the author, just email them (wtb@tczstudio.com) to inform them the character you will be cosplaying so they can prepare the gift for you!

There will be many more exhibitors there , such as Daiyaku (maybe they are stocking up on their atori plushies!) Dream Walker just to name a few SO MARK YOUR CALENDERS 😀

Say hi if you see me. Do you want to take a picture & be featured on the blog? Because that is how you get a picture!

See you there! Till later!



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