[Figure Review] Sword Art Online – Leafa -Swimsuit Ver.- (Griffon Enterprises)

We have another figure from Griffon Enterprises today, that’s two weeks in a row!

Presenting to you, Leafa -Swimsuit Ver.- from the popular series, Sword Art Online.

We all know Asuna gets a lot of love, too many figures of her are made and there seems no stopping to it. It’s refreshing to see other characters to get some love too! This is definitely not the first Leafa PVC but it’s nice to review something different once in a while.

Facial expression decent enough. Griffon Enterprises always have trouble with noses though, I think I’m pretty much used to it. ^^;

Subtle details on the bikini. *smirk*

Nice fingers!

Before we adjusted the bangles, Leafa came out of the box with the wrist looking like this. I was horrified. After checking with the box I realised the bangles she was wearing was supposed to cover the line, and made it more secure with its rough edges. Sorry Griffon; I was too quick to judge. ><

Legs nicely done.

Though it’s a simple figure, I really enjoyed this photo shoot because she’s not exactly boring. She’s also big, at 1/7 scale. Griffon always have boring black bases but she can do without it!

We don’t have stocks for her, but you can still find her at affordable prices.

Till next figure!

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