[Figure Review] To Love-Ru ~ Momo Velia Deviluke

I had the opportunity to review Momo Velia Deviluke from To Love-Ru. And it’s not just any Momo. It’s the one by Max Factory.

I’ve always wanted to review her ever since I laid my eyes on her prototype. She’s downright one of the most amazing sculpture done by Nakayaman. I have to admit, I did not watch the anime. Neither do I know anything about Momo, but to produce her in such an impressive a wedding lingerie, it doesn’t take a genius to know that there is “ecchi stuff” involved. I have no issues with the lingerie (it probably suits her character more) but it would be awesome if she was made in an actual wedding dress that is castoff-able. 

Then again maybe not, it would probably be far too expensive for anyone to afford it. *remembering a certain Kirino in a wedding dress*

Nakayaman did Mea Kurosaki before, who was also made into in a sexy lingerie. I’m not surprised that they would continued the series, judging by how popular Momo has become. We might even see Golden Darkness soon?  

Honestly the flowers on her veil are cute. They look like icing on a cake that could be eaten. Om nom nom!

Semi transparent veil is a must have for brides. They did a good job on it because I love semi transparent parts on figures!


I was examining her up close while KeiCho was checking his pictures. I realised that Momo’s armpit here looks rather misplaced. If you own her, have a closer look at the armpit and let me know if it’s just me or is there something odd about the armpit. ^^;


There is something about petite shoulders. I find them sexy. 

That is a beautiful corset! It’s so frilly! The tiny ribbons compliment it so well. more +++ points in the cute department!

The bouquet of flowers is removable. It’s pretty easy to removed them too. Don’t they look like icing on a cake to you :D~ ? Oh geez, I should really stop thinking about cake ._. ….

This is probably my favourite shot. Don’t get me wrong! It’s just very nice in my opinion. I simply adore the details in her suspenders and her underwear. 



If you think about it, without the tail Momo would look like a normal girl. She would probably steal the hearts of many and people would love to marry her. But hey she’s not from Earth so having the tail is certainly essential. You must know who you are going to marry right?! So don’t go hiding her tail! 




Simple and sweet base fitting for a bride. 







Will you marry her? 😀 

I enjoyed shooting Momo. She’s really easy to shoot from any angle. Even though KeiCho took most of the shots, I took a few of them on my own and I like how she could be placed at an angle where she could be seen as beckoning for you to come over. I’ve sold her out unfortunately, but if you manage to lay your hands on one, we hope that we’ve helped you in making your decision whether to buy or not. I hope I got the chance to review Mea as well! Mea is still up on preorders so please get her if you can! Get Momo somewhere else while you are at it too!

Till next figure! 



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