[Figure Review] Sword Art Online – Silica by FREEing

With so many Asunas from Sword Art Online being made, I wonder why there aren’t any Elizabeths? There aren’t any Kiritos either! WHY!? Prize figures don’t count, I’m talking about scaled figures here. I’m quite confused. I’m pretty sure a decent made Kirito will send all his fans into shrieks and screams. We do have several Leafas and even Alter did a take on Suguha Kirigaya! However, there is zero news for the rest. I’m confused. ><

We do have a Silica here for review, a decent one done by FREEing. And the only one. No love for Silica from the makers, and I have a couple of friends who really adore her. That’s really sad.

We will have to make do with this one then! Yosh!~

The first person to tame a Feathery Dragon. Hence, earning the title “Dragon Master Silica.” I can’t imagine her as a Dragon Master. She looks so… fragile. 

Nice pose, boring base. However, the plain base is matching with FREEing’s Asuna anyway, so it’s forgivable if you bought both of them.


Overall it’s really a basic and simple figure, nothing much was being put into it like their Asuna. It makes me feel that FREEing is always on a tight budget. They did their yukata line up pretty simple too if you’ve noticed. I guess their specialty remains with their bunny girls, which if you didn’t know, are always at a whopping 1/4 scale.  Those are awesome and impressive.  Can’t really say I’m equally impressed with their smaller scaled figures. ^^;

Silica is sold out at ToyCoin! She’s your only hope in obtaining a decent Silica figure so hopefully you can managed to get your hands on one. Who knows, we might be able to see more of her in the upcoming Sword Art Online Season 2.

Till next figure!



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4 Responses to “[Figure Review] Sword Art Online – Silica by FREEing”

  1. icelava Says:

    Sad fact is, although it _is_ slowly increasing, demand for male characters are still sorely lacking in the figure market. Even manga and anime artists seldom put in the effort to design and illustrate beautiful sleek looking males themselves.

  2. calliwen Says:

    Altair lineup by Alter consist of guys meant for girls actually but they are usually doing the mainstream ones and they are not catching up as fast as I hope they will. And no, they didn’t do Kirito either sigh.

  3. icelava Says:

    I’d love to collect male figures probably just as much as females, but the problem is the majority of the industry is so biased and focused toward female characters, designing and developing truly compelling male characters is given a back seat, let alone having a pool of popular male characters to sculpt for.

    Much to my dissatisfaction with the Japanese. They seem to have a growing fetish for dull, lame, loser males.

    Gone are the days of Cowboy Bebop and Trigun.

  4. calliwen Says:

    Well at least there are figures for Trigun, pretty decent too.

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