[Figure Review] Sword Art Online – Asuna ~Captured Titania~ (Max Factory)

What we have today is a very beautiful figure from Max Factory. There are many figures of Asuna out there, but trust me, this might be the best in terms of details and quality!

I MUST say this though. It’s great that there are more Asunas available but there is still no Kirito in sight. 🙁

Asuna ~Captured Titania~ is a nice reflection of the scene where she was held in captive even though Sword Art Online has ended. If you’ve followed the story arc from the beginning, you’d probably know that Asuna, along with some other players, did not wake up even after the game, Sword Art Online ended. It was part of an evil plan to carry out a forced marriage while she was asleep. I felt that Max Factory has successfully portrayed her helpless yet alluring look, don’t you think so?

Asuna here is placed on a plain base. It has a bit of weathered effects but nothing much to take note of.

Here’s without the base and I prefer this so much better. Her base takes up unnecessary space and if you have none to spare, you can display her without it~!

Imagine hours sitting like that being tired up with no freedom. D: This is so uncomfortable. 🙁

Ropes to show that she was captured in a way.

Nice drapes of the dress.

Stunning details here. You can see signs of struggle from the looks of the ribbon. Just let her go already!

Oh this is my favourite part of the figure. Yes I do love winged figures but I also like how they made the hair strands to drape it over the other side of the wing.

The same effect on the other wing!

Here’s how the hair strands look like at the back!

Can.. just let her go already? ><

Her elf ears. The metal armor on them looks realistic!

There was also a wired rope given to create the effect of being tied to something.

I did a horrible job. 🙁 Since the figure isn’t mine, I didn’t want to be too rough with it so I just did a simple twist around her hands.

Her box was rather interesting! It was shaped in a circle with the cage effect, so we decided to create a scene like this! I love it!

I honestly feel the quality of this figure is top notch and Max Factory did a fantastic job! There might be a lot of Asunas out there and it’s hard to decide on one favourite, we hope this review will aid in your decision making to which Asuna you wish to settle with. =^^=

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