[Figure Review] Rozen Maiden – Suiseiseki (Griffon Enterprises)

Griffon Enterprises always had figures made every month, but recently, they had been quiet. I’m really worried that they are dropping the production of Rozen Maiden figures! The dolls are nearing to completion please don’t give them up! We are only left with two dolls! They had been wonderfully made so far! 🙁

Today we have Suiseiseki for review.

Regret the use of this background because it made her look slanted. She’s not, it’s just optical eye illusion.

I always thought heterochromia is a beautiful mutation, and I especially like the combination of green with any other colors. Green and red is a good match too!

Her weapon of choice. Yes a watering can. A magical watering can. A gold magical watering can. ^^;

Had to remove the watering can to show how detailed Griffon Enterprises made her dress. The frills are really nice!

Her stand is similar to Souseiseki, perhaps because they are sisters and they deliberately made the stand similar.

ohhh it’s translucent! Niase.

Like KirakishouGriffon put a lot of effort on her hair @@ It feels like a simple figure but the hair made her look a lot different. Strains of hair can be seen, beautifully crafted out.

I’m praying hard for Griffon to continue making the dolls, we’re left with Suigintou and Kanaria. 🙁

Alright, till next figure! 22




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