[Figure Review] Love Live! School Idol Project – Honoka Kosaka (Good Smile Company)

What’s the hottest, most sensational anime currently?

Love Live! School Idol Project! no doubt about it!

Everyone, even those who I did not expect to start on Love Live, started raving about this series.

I personally have watched it, it was ok I feel. Idol anime don’t rub into me very much but I do understand why people like it so much. The storyline is stable, they have nice songs, the series even took it to another level by releasing the mobile game in English, that’s enough to get people hooked!

Not to mention the series is generally quite a happy one. Everyone likes positivity. They made you feel happy too.

We have here is the first character, Honoka Kosaka, made into a scaled figure, by Good Smile Company. I’m wondering if they are releasing continuing the lineup because it’s been a while since another character is announced. The Nendoroids are going on strong though.

Honoka Kosaka is the main protagonist of the anime, who started μ’s just because she thought it was a good idea to attract more students to enroll her school so that the school would not close down. So young with such a notable dream. I approve.

So cheery! They decided to give the first opening theme outfit a Good Smile treatment.

There’s a word to describe such style. Punk Rock? Reminds me one of LiSa‘s style, don’t you think so?

She’s a simple figure, nice outfit, but nothing much to talk about. I find her pose a little awkward, it would be much better if she were to stand straight. That’s idol dynamics for you.

Out of stock for her. she’s really really high in demand due to the popularity of the series so do try to secure one if you want to start!

See you next figure!



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4 Responses to “[Figure Review] Love Live! School Idol Project – Honoka Kosaka (Good Smile Company)”

  1. icelava Says:

    Your odds on how long it takes for her to lean and tip over?

  2. calliwen Says:

    I doubt she would ever, nowadays quality for PVCs are high enough to avoid those kind of accidents. would be very disappointed in GSC if she ever wraps.

  3. Haruna Says:

    Thank you so much for reviewing her! I’ve been looking forward to more reviews of this series, to know what’s all the hype about and whether they’re worth investing in. In your own opinion, do you think this figure is worth purchasing? I am a fan myself of the whole Love Live! franchise, but as we all know they have soooo many figures coming out from different companies, its very hard to narrow down to one must-have figure. This one looks good though. I especially adore how they captured her sparkling blue eyes and smile perfectly. Also, may I know if she’s the first figure from this line? Thanks! 🙂

  4. calliwen Says:

    No worries, just happened to have her for review! There’s a lot of factors to consider, personally if you wish to collect all 9 of them, I think it’ll be hard to have all of them come from the same manufacturer, we have no idea if GSC will be releasing all 9 members too. However, Honoka from GSC is rather affordable when she was released for preorders, not sure about the prices now though. GSC one is safe to invest since it’s quite a good figure itself, but if you are low on budget the ones produced by SEGA are pretty nice too, many are completed sets of 9 as well! Yes she’s the first figure released by GSC. It’ll be higher chances to get a full set if you buy the nendoroids, since it’s nearing to completion already.

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