[Figure Review] Kantai Collection – Yamato Kai Heavy Armament Ver. (Max Factory)

We have a rare box photo today! People who read our blog previously know we don’t usually do box photos, but I wanted to show how big the box was.

Her size is comparable with Ultimate Madoka from Good Smile Company, both comes in squarish boxes which is really a hassle to deliver. Nevertheless my customers waited very long for her so I’m glad to imagine those faces light up upon receiving them.

Box design very clean, simple and sophisticated. It felt like I’m buying some luxury kitchen ware. ^^;

Yes! We’re reviewing Yamato Kai Heavy Armament Ver from Max Factory! She also belongs to the exclusive lineup of figures called “Wonderful Hobby Selection” where figures that are made are highly detailed and expensive.

She’s very, very rare now. I’m really glad those who wanted her preordered her in the first place. I’m also glad keiCho preordered her so I get to review her!

There’s something in her eyes that I’m not quite satisfied with. 🙁

I’m also disappointed with how the water effects turned out. Honestly I expected something other than plastic to portray the water effects. Using clear blue plastic is a major turn off, looks cheap, and especially when you paid so much for this figure and it’s suppose to be highly detailed.

Her armour is massive and heavy.

keiCho took the effort to use sakura petals around her. I think the effect is nice for beginners like us. ^^;

We had a difficult time trying to put on the umbrella for her as well. It’s fragile and we were really scared we might break the whole thing.

Well, at least the plastic look convincingly watery.

Oh after the shoot, we realised that Max Factory included some tiny flower petals! That comes as a surprise. We couldn’t bear to use it because they were so tiny and precious, afraid it might get lost during the photoshoot.

Overall I think she’s really a nice figure to have and display, Max Factory did a wonderful job in having zero quality letdown. But maybe it’s because of there was a lot of expectations from this figure, I find several factors that is a little tad disappointing. I wasn’t happy with the eyes, the plastic water, as well as how difficult it is to put on the umbrella for her. We also had a hard time trying to put on her armour behind. Maybe because we didn’t read the instructions carefully, I don’t think anyone else had the same difficulty as us.

That’s about it for today! I know we didn’t update much for the past weeks but do give us some time as we are constantly begging and finding figures to review. ^^; Till next figure!



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