[Figure Review] K-On! – Azusa Nakano 5th Anniversary (Stronger)

It’s already October, it’s scary to think how time flies!

Anyway we have our first Stronger figure here, Azusa Nakano 5th Anniversary from K-On!

I’m looking forward to see how good Stronger is for a long time. Other people called them Animaru though, not sure why. I dislike the manufacturing name, but so far they had been making promising figures. Not only that, they make complete series figures! For example, we have Azusa now, but they intended to make the other girls from K-On! too!

I don’t have to mention that they are on their way to completion for their Love Live! figures as well.

She’s looking cute!

This 5th Anniversary series seemed to be touching more on their serious side. Have you seen Tsumugi? She didn’t smile at all! D: Wonder how the fans are reacting to this side of them.

Oh but Azusa is still so cute. The teardrop on face and her pose makes her look so moe despite them trying to make her goth looking.

Details aren’t much, everything is plain and simple looking. The only thing that deserves more praise is…

Yes the guitar. Much details can be found on the guitar, which is understandable because hey, the guitar is important ok.


One thing I don’t understand is why does she have to tiptoe? They could have given her heels.

Guitar pick base!

They provided another alternate arm, she look more moe with it.

Standing at 1/8 scale, she’s still too small in my opinion. However, it’s been a while since we see figures from K-On! so I’m not complaining! She’s still cute but whether she’s worth the price tag now, it’s up to you to decide. (We’re out of stocks for her and she’s going really expensive now in Japan! Grats to those who preordered!)

Preordering sure has its advantages. 🙂

See you next figure!





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