[Figure Review] God Eater: Alisa Ilinichina Amiella Ver. GE2 (PLUM)

If you are a fan of Alisa from God Eater you should be pleased with the number of Alisas being released in the market nowadays. In a short time span of half a year, we have seen about 4 releases of Alisa, not including a D-Arts release, a Nendoroid release and a reissued of the first Alisa made by PLUM. She must be really popular.

Plot twist: I never heard of her neither have I played God Eater before. ^^;

Today we are reviewing another one by PLUM. This is the second figure made by them. Enjoy!

I wish to highlight that there are 3 supports for this figure. One at her foot, one under the gun, and the transparent holder. The one at the gun is a bit tricky because it doesn’t fit. Rather, it just lets the gun hang loosely onto it. I’ll explain a bit later on.

Plump thighs by PLUM. HEHEHEHE.

I’ve always liked this shade of red.

Paint job on the skirt wasn’t too bad.

And the skirt is castoffable! See the 2 gold buttons on the skirt? That’s where you can take it off. Sharing is caring 😉 !

Her skirt is too short for a 18 year old!

Well developed as you can see.

I do have mix feelings about her expression. She look great at certain angles but at the same time she doesn’t look like Alisa. What do you think?


Beret is removable; though I do prefer it on though.

Now, God Eater is all about the weapons. Just look at her gun.

As mentioned the gun is tricky to put on. I struggled for a while before I finally got it right. If you are having some difficulties, look at the pictures provided on the box to guide you through. Basically, you have to make sure that the gun is leaning on the transparent holder (which is attached to the base) after you slot Alisa’s hand onto the gun handle. After that, you have to find the right hole at the gun’s tip to the base.


After snapping the pictures needed, I had her delivered as usual. When I sat down to process the photos, upon a closer look,  I realised that the paint job was quite bad. There was a smudge spot on the hair, and the chest area has some red paint all over. It is not obvious from the angles I took, but it’s visible.

Maybe PLUM should put more effort into their quality checks. The figure is rather pricey after all.

We don’t have stock for her already so if you are mesmerized by her, you’d need to search around!

See you in the next post~ \o/



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3 Responses to “[Figure Review] God Eater: Alisa Ilinichina Amiella Ver. GE2 (PLUM)”

  1. icelava Says:

    The major problem, besides the paint finish and other sculpt details of the production copy vs prototype, is her eyes have been stretch out of proportion. If you compare against the prototype pics, that slight elongation of the eyes is enough for appear comical to human eye.

    Many people have been disappointed with the final product; me included.

  2. Jos Says:

    Hi, I come across this web page via Google search. I wonder if you can assist. Might I ask if you know we can purchase the transparent holder as a replacement?

    Kindest regards,


  3. calliwen Says:

    I don’t think we are able to purchase replacement parts but you can try sending an email directly to PLUM and pray.

    You can find their contact email at the official website

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