[Figure Review] Dragon Nest – Sorceress by Max Factory

Dragon Nest is a very popular online action packed MMORPG produced by Nexon. It was so popular, Max Factory decided to produce a scaled figure from the series. Good Smile Company did a Nendoroid as well.

Actually the production of both Sorceress & Irine came to me as a surprise because it is the first time that a figure is being made from a game that I’ve personally played before. Sure figures are made based on game characters all the time but not from the games that I play. Yeah I do admit that I’m not much of a gamer, (I don’t have much free time to game anyway ><‘” ) so judging by how many little games I’ve played before, choosing a character from a game that I’ve played before came to me very much as a surprise!

She was previously made for the China market exclusively. Yes including the Nendoroid Irine. For that reason, you are unable to purchase these two Dragon Nest figures anywhere else in the world.

They did mention they would release the figure to other parts of the world. However, they just didn’t mention WHEN! Eventually, it took about a year later before they’ve decided to release the preorders for her. That wait was far too long for fans!

There is a term called “absence makes the heart grow fonder”. Yeah there is some truth in that but that is still a very cruel thing to do. Anyway! Here she is! Finally released and thanks to Kelly, we’ve managed to snap a few pictures of her. Enjoy!

She was based off an official illustration by the way.

Apparently, she is in her “bat costume”. I must say, the figure looks even more awesome after looking at the illustration ^^; . I always thought the pose was a bit weird (it looks uncomfortable to stand like that D: )but if it’s based on this illustration, I can totally forgive Max Factory.

This base reminds me of the ones that Good Smile Company used for the girls from the anime Puella Magi Madoka Magica. They are exactly the same; the type of gradient, thickness, diameter (Basically everything!). The only difference is the colour.  


Beautiful legs. Seems like they’ve revealed a nicely shaped thigh over there. I know guys who love looking at legs and they can really fill you in with the details.

Look at the wand! The knob and the tail is translucent! Nice touch!

Details of the costume is perfect.

Even her familiar was included. It’s cutesy little pose & expression sure cracks me up XD ! You’d need to attach him manually by the way. Don’t worry, it’s a simple assembly.

Honestly her face look way better than what was shown on the prototype. Just look at that subtle smile! If I had all the time in the world, I would stare at a mirror all day trying to achieve such a smile. It oozes sexy. This figure deserves more recognition! She reminds me of Maleficent lol!

Couldn’t see much of a butt here, but the armor thing is really nice.

Is.. is that her cute wings?!

She truly deserves more credit from what I see. To be honest, I was not very keen on reviewing her despite playing the game before because her pose is really, really awkward and her expression looked rather deadpan from the way I saw in her prototype photos.

She look way better up close and is definitely an interesting figure to possess. I’ve even enjoyed writing about her. I’ve never felt this upbeat writing about any figure before. I do get excited reviewing figures but with Sorceress I get a different feeling altogether.

I’m guessing it has a lot to do with her captivating poker face subtle smile. I’m just so sold!
Fortunately she’s still available in stock! Hurry and get yours today!



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