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Hello everybody!

I’ve been rather sick lately but nothing is stopping me from sharing this piece of exciting news with you!

We have been working on this project since last year, encountered problems with the previous programmer we had, almost scraped the project but we were saved by another programmer and have arrived to what we have here today. Presenting to you, our latest project, ToyCoin Online Kuji!

Yes! A kuji website finally! Many of our customers know that ToyCoin has been operating online for quite a while without a retail space. Hence, we could only hold kuji during events and probably by then, the series of kuji are outdated already. Building a kuji website online provides us the solution that we can do kuji online anytime & anywhere. We don’t have to wait for events anymore!

We’ve made it in a way that it is similar to any kuji event you go to. We will include live updates of the winners, attempting to make it as exciting as the real thing. We’ve made it better because we allow the pre-sale of the tickets so you’d never need to miss the kuji event ever! We sincerely hope that you guys will enjoy it as much as any kuji event that you have attended.

I’m really excited to see how it would do. To be honest, I was getting paranoid about this project because it dragged on for a long time and it was rather expensive to build the mechanism. Often, a lot of questions go through my mind: What if this project fails? What if no one wants to play?

Should I give up on this project?

People whom I’m closer to probably know the dilemma I’ve been going through.

I’ve decided just to give it a go, hoping that at the least, I’d have a platform to conduct kuji events in future. Ultimately, this website is made for my customers who love to play kuji. Yes, this website is for you!

If we could shamelessly ask of you for something, it’d be to share how awesome this website is to your social media and friends. It is really important for you to help us get the word out there. (I hardly ever ask anything so shamelessly before ><)

For media enquiries, please contact us at the website and we’d be more than willing to work something out with you.

To my friends, IT IS LAUNCHED!!! *cries tears of joy*



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I also blog most of the stuff here, along with my editor Jerry and my photographer Keith. 🙂

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