[Events] Guest Musician at STGCC: Interview with TAMusic

Introducing the incredibly popular and talented musician TAMusic! A short history for the unaware, TAM has been producing covers for some of your favourite anime/games such as Final Fantasy, Touhou, OreImo for the past 10 years. If you wish to know more about him, head over to his website (Japanese) or to his NicoNico Douga channel and have a listen. I’m sure somewhere in his huge repertoire of music, there is something for you!


Where did it all start, the beginning?

TAM: It started 10 years ago on the streets at Akihabara when there was no one doing any “moe” cover songs. No one on the internet or anywhere. I decided then that I would be the one to start.

Who are the people behind the TAM?

TAM: There are about 400 people. Illustrators, musician, staff, event staff. I gathered all these people through the years with over 1000 CDs to my name and thus, these are the people who have helped me along the way.

You have been doing productions for the Japanese side. Have you considered doing any covers from the western side?

TAM: Up to this point of time, I have been doing the things that I like and have the passion for. As of right now, I love the moe culture and therefore, will stick to it for now. Although I would try it if I find something I like.

The first instrument that you have played was the violin?

TAM: Piano. It was the piano, because my mother was a piano teacher.

Why did you choose the violin and how did you feel when you first picked it up?

TAM: I first played the violin when I was two with my older brother. I was forced to do so by my parents. When my parents forced us to learn it, I only played classical music and therefore I hate it alot. When I learnt about the moe culture, I liked it and hence, took the up violin again.

Today is Hatsune Miku’s birthday. What do you feel about her and is she your favourite character?

TAM: I like her existence as a whole and how she was developed. I like her for the fact that she is a program made to create music

Do you have any plans for the future? Such as solo concerts or appearances at events?

TAM: I used to hold solo concerts at my hometown. Back then, there were about 100 people, but as time went by, I got more and more popular and the scale of events got bigger. More people called me over for appearances and I thus have no more time for concerts of my own. But If I get called as a guest for events, I will do my best to oblige.

How do you feel when you reach each milestone in your life?

TAM: Where I am right now, it was all thanks to past events and that are important to me. I prefer the street life but the last time I did it 7 years ago, it attracted so many people it was cancelled.

Do you plan to do any Vocaloid music that is your own original and not a cover?

TAM: I have no plans yet because I have to like something first before I will do it. Thus, I will mostly do secondary works. But my aides in my 400 strong contingent do produce Vocaloid music of their own.

Which of the recent anime series have you taken a liking to? How about musicians? What about your favourite genre? 

TAM: Shingeki no Kyojin, WataMote, SAO. And a lot more. Because I am watching so many shows right now, I don’t have a favourite yet. As for musicians, I don’t have a favourite because I like all of them. As mentioned before, I hated classical music and therefore, my current favourite genre is the “moe” genre.

Do you listen to any other music?

TAM: I don’t listen to other people because I have no time to do so. But if I have some spare time, I would look at the niconico douga rankings and listen to the top few. Otherwise, I would listen to some other recommendations by my friends

Because TAMusic is such a huge group, do you feel stressed when you produce music and how do you deal with it? How do the members interact with each other?

TAM: We want to have fun with doing what we are doing. And by doing so, we hope to create fun music for everyone. We do not usually  interact with each other as most of them do not know one another. It is usually me and one group or another. 


TAM was bubbly, cheerful and always ready to answer our questions. His translator being super enthusiastic helped us alot too. So we wish to thank them both for their time and effort!


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