[Event] EOY 2013

ToyCoin was over at EOY during the weekend and we happen to be one of the sponsors for the event this year. How many of you were there too for the event? It was hot on that day but the turnout was great! 

I was also around to take pictures of the event and I will be sharing them here.  ( shall let the pictures do the talking! ) 

Probably the cutest map for an event I ever seen! Can you spot us?


A couple of itashas with EOY’s mascot, Yume on them! I wonder if one day I can see Mako on a car too?

Miku, lots of them.


Kantai collection, lots of them too!


Tomodachi T-shirts has taken over Singapore by a typhoon.  The art is awesomely cute! And it cost about SGD $16.00 which was quite affordable. I wonder if the artist is interested in commissioning Mako one day.  

The next few pictures are the sponsors’ booth at EOY


We are located just beside Happy Ice, and it’s safe to say that business is good for them judging by the amount of people who walked by my booth with an ice cream on hand. They look delicious right?

So I bought one!


And this is our booth! We didn’t bring down a lot of stuff, but still, thanks for all the folks who dropped by and say hi! The highlight of the day are the Kujis. It happened once every hour, and it was damn busy for all of us here every time a new hour starts. 

We sold out our Rozen Maiden and Angel Beats Kuji too. We still have a few tickets left for the rest, all with the last prize remaining! If you are interested do drop us an email at enquiry@toycoin.com.sg! We will be grateful if the tickets are cleared. Limited space at the warehouse. OTL

This happy guy here was excited to hold the signage. 

Lucky guy. *pouts*

Oh, and EOY has their very own maid cafe! Doki Doki Hearts Cafe! Did you visit them?



Your friendly Cosplayer  servers for the day 

Time to “Power up” your food before consuming them 😉


I think these are props used for games? They do look cute.


There was an area set up for dollfies at the event too , named ” Sakura Blossom of the Spring “

Hmm I guess this fits a dollfie?



Dollfies dressed up in yukatas and displayed on sakura garden themed backdrops, nice !  

These 2 are my friends , tasked as nannies for the dollfies for another friend of mine xD


There were several performances on stage. Love Live! portion caught my eye!

Not missing EOY‘s guest, a Nico Nico Dancer, Wata! 



Her energy is so infectious! She’s a bundle of joy!


Not forgetting EOY is originally meant to be a cosplay event, so what is the event is without cosplayers?








Thanks to all the cosplayers who allowed us to have their pictures taken! 

Overall, attending EOY was a wonderful experience for ToyCoin and even though it was a last-minute invite, we are glad that the event was a success to both the organisers and ourselves! Our booth location was not the best, but it was still satisfactory. Nevertheless, we can most likely expect bigger things for next year’s EOY! We are not sure if we are attending but honestly speaking the organisers were a nice team to work with and we wouldn’t mind attending EOY next year!

Once again thank you all who turned up at our booth to say hi, we hope to see you around again! 



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